Kimberly "Mickey" Evans

I started my hair career later in life, at 43 yrs old in 2011.  After owning two prior businesses, I was ready to do something new that would allow me to be creative and help people feel their best.

I went to the Gary Manuel AVEDA Institute in Seattle, WA.

Because I had been self employed my entire life, I knew that being an employee and playing by someone elses rules, wasn't going to work

for me, so right after graduating from Gary Manuel, I jumped right into into renting a chair!

It took me trying 3 different salons before I found a place where I could grow my brand the way I wanted to, in an area that I wanted to establish roots and solidify my business in the community.

It didn't take long to realize I KNEW NOTHING about doing hair. School had taught me safety and sanitation, but very little about actually working with clients on a daily basis behind the chair. Luckily I had years of business experience and customer service behind me that helped!

I took every styling, cutting and coloring class I could find. I watched hours of Youtube and went to every hair show I could!

Within less than two years, I quickly built by clientele and business to a point where I was able to open my own 6 chair Commission salon & spa. Due to my marketing background and the reputation in the beauty industry I had curated in those two years, my salon opened with rave reviews and busy chairs!

I focused on hiring stylists that had just graduated cosmetology school and trained them to grow their personal business. As one stylist would grow to leave the nest and do chair rental or open their own salon, I would bring in another recent graduate to take their place.

I am no longer behind the chair on a daily basis, and want to continue sharing knowledge with young stylists and helping them achieve their goals through education and mentoring.

I am constantly growing this page and community to include virtual and in-person education that focuses on growing your beauty business.  I am also happy to offer one-on-one personal coaching for those that are interested.

Kimberly "Mickey" Evans

PSA:  Mickey is the stage name they gave me in Cosmetology School and it just kind of stuck with me in the industry!